Rent a truck in Denver

Denver moving truck rental can be a great solution if you don't want to deal with moving companies. Read more about where and how to find a truck rental.

Budget truck sizes and prices

denver moving truck rental
denver moving truck rental

Depending on how much stuff you have to transfer you may need vehicles of different sizes. As a rule, you have to take a car that can handle with 10% more cargo than you expect. You can choose a pickup if you are going to have not so big moving or rent a heavy truck for a large move. Also, you shouldn't forget about the mileage, for some types of cars a state or national wide journey will be quite challenging and a long drive across the country may have a negative influence on the quality of transportation. If you are going to move in a house 200 miles away, you must think twice about what car to take (we recommend to find a reliable unlimited mileage car).

Peak van renting season

Experienced mover knows that there is a lot of work in September. Enterprise level companies always book all available trucks for business. In case you have planned to move in summer, make sure that there will be available cars in time beforehand.

DIY Denver moving truck rental cheap

moving truck rental denver

Usually, if we are going to move and take a rental car it is called a do-it-yourself moving. DIY gives you a chance to save some money, but instead, you have to spend some your time and efforts in order to complete the move. Do not let your family suffer, it doesn't matter how strong your family members are, it is always better to call some friends and deal with all hard work together for a little reward. It is important not to cross someone’s limits, so keep an eye on your recruits. For a DIY project you might also need some tools, you should prepare them beforehand. They will help you to load a vehicle and unload one and the best way to get them is to rent them through car rental company. It is even better to divide your move into several days, you will save your energy and have some rest.

What does rent a center insurance cover

The main thing you have to check is that your rental company provides with insurance covering accident expenses. You can pay for this in advance and get additional coverage. Usually, local companies set small rate for each day in comparison to big rental and insurance companies. You shouldn't forget about coverage for damage to your stuff. Furniture, for example, may cost a lot and it would be a total disaster if something goes wrong with the trailer. There are a lot of inexpensive offers, you should decide how valuable your belongings are and choose one for an affordable price.

Auto transportation

moving truck rental in denver, co

There are not so many options how to transport a vehicle. You can drive it on your own just after a truck or you can hire a driver who will drive your car to a certain place or even have it delivered in a box. If you need such service you can ask your moving company, most of local Denver companies provide with such service. You will have to sign a special deal, the price depends on distance and size of your car. Many companies can offer a coupon or a discount, so you can find a good service for a low price and sometimes even free.