Moving Containers in Houston

Houston cube storage containers may become a great helping hand if you are going to move to another city or country. Read more about delivery service here.

Size of Houston cube storage containers

If you have experienced shipping or long distance delivery, you probably know that there are a lot of sizes options. You can choose any you like for transportation, however, sometimes it is better to listen to your movers and take a standard one and now we will tell why. An average pod you can see on a truck is 70"x82"x93", it is a perfect size to store one small room. So if you want to have your house containerized, rent just two or three weatherproof containers and then you are ready for cross country or overseas moving.

 houston cube storage containers
Houston Cube Storage Containers


What makes a moving company really good is its communication and understanding of client's needs. We offer you to order as many containers as you need and as a result, you will pay only for those you have used for relocation. A lot of interstate rental companies make a good money on shipping empty crates, we do not practice such things at all. You do not have to pay for transporting or picking up an odd one.


Movable containers are extremely comfortable for moving. It sits just on the ground, so you can easily stuff it with boxes and large furniture. After packing it carefully you have just to lock the doors and inform movers that cargo is ready for shipping.

Cube Storage Containers in Houston


You should not worry about safety. If everything is loaded up to the requirements and you have put on a lock, be sure that your stuff will be delivered without any troubles. It will be locked until you arrive at your new home and use your personal keys at the destination.

Houston Cube Containers for Storage


Your portable container will arrive just to the parking place of your new apartments. As soon as our guys drop one on a flatbed trailer you will not face any difficulties with unloading. Otherwise, we can offer forklift service on some occasions.

Need more space or flexibility for shipping container?

Our company can offer you a lot, you can order the smallest one as well as the biggest not being charged. Before a moving cast an eye on your apartment and think about the size of the mobile box, only then call our customer service and we will say what would be the best option. Our flexibility allows you to plan your moving in details, we are not late all the time, we can offer door-to-door service and what is more important we are ready for conversation. In case you have some questions about our activity or prices, you can just make a call or visit out office.