How Much Is a Storage Unit in Houston

Portable storage units become very popular nowadays. Agree that they are much more practical and more convenient than storages in static locations, because they are movable. They can be delivered directly to the house, after which you can pack them. Then such a portable self-moving unit can be taken to a new home or stored in a special room for a while (for example, while you are on vacation).

But these devices have another side of the coin - the cost. How expensive are they? In this article, we will tell you about the cost of a storage unit in Houston TX (Texas).

Cost of Storage Unit Houston

Types of portable storage units for rent

Such units are rented and have various dimensions. Consider the options for storage sizes using the example of products of some company like PODS:

  1. 7-foot mini container. The height of the container is 8 feet, the depth is 7 feet, 7 feet across. Such a container can easily accommodate things from one room.
  2. 12-foot container (8 feet high, 12 feet deep). Used for things from two or three rooms.
  3. 16-foot container (depth - 16 feet, and it is also 8 feet tall). It will accommodate things from three to four rooms. Commercial portable containers can have a length of 40 feet and a height of 20 feet.
Cost of Storage Container Houston

Factors depending on a price

The prices of mobile portable storage units vary depending on such factors:

  1. The company-manufacturer;
  2. The dimensions of the container (the longer the length of the container, the more expensive it is to rent);
  3. The duration of the lease of the portable unit;
  4. Distance to which you need to transport the container (you pay for shipping an empty container to your home, and then for its delivery together with the things to a new address).
Cost of Storage in Houston

Average cost of storage unit Houston

Consider the price policy on specific examples in the case of PODS.

The cost of renting a 7-foot small container is $ 116 per month(if you live no more than in 25 miles from the supplier company). To this sum, you should add $ 90-100 for the initial delivery of an empty container. When a portable storage device is sent to a new home, you have to pay another from $ 100 to $ 225. The total costs of using the 7-foot block will be from $ 306 to $ 441; on average it equals $ 400.

Naturally, the price of using 12-foot and 16-foot containers will be higher. Only monthly rental rates are up to $ 170. But now your wife (or husband) does not worry about where to hold things during the move.