Checklist for Moving in Denver

Denver moving checklist is the best thing to keep everything under control and to perform accurately step by step. Read some of our tips to make your move smooth and fast.

The basic check list for moving into a new house

In some stressful situations, it is extremely important not to lose control and to have a clear mind. There are a lot of ways of achieving such state, but the step-by-step checklist is the best option. You shouldn't keep in mind a lot of different things and do something twice.

Denver Moving Checklist

Denver checklist #1: 8 weeks before

  1. Research. You have to think about a new community and home location, make sure there you will get everything you need: schools, childcare, hospitals. Find out how to get the best location.
  2. Collect records. You have to prepare and to transfer all medical and dental records to your new location. It is important not to forget about all legal and financial documents.
  3. Get quotes. Find out more about your moving company, visit their office.
Denver movers checklist

Denver checklist #2: 6 weeks before

  1. Inventory items. Plan how to pack and transfer all valuable and massive items and other things you want to move. You can arrange garage sale for things you do not need anymore.
  2. Think about what items you can and cannot move. Relocation of some items may be impossible or require more efforts. That is why you have to plan what to do with such kind of goods. Usually, movers make a list of do-not-ship list, so contact customer service and find out you can take after all.
  3. Start packing. You can order boxes and supplies online and pack things you usually do not use. It is a good idea to form a table of packed items in boxes or just put a printable sticker.

Denver checklist #3: 4 weeks before

  1. Reserve the move. When the month comes make a call to a moving company and reserve your move.
  2. Inform utility service. Call services and inform about new addresses, plans and utilities change.
  3. The list is here:
    • Electric
    • Water
    • Gas
    • Cell phone
    • Cable/satellite, internet and landline phone
    • Sewer
    • Trash collection
  4. Check your vehicle. Long distance all over the country or harsh weather in some provinces can influence your car behavior dramatically. Make sure that your car is ready for a long journey, visit a shop.
checklist for Denver movers

Denver checklist #4: 2 weeks before

  1. Update your address. Inform the Postal Service about moving or ask to hold your mail. Notify friends and family about changes.
  2. Notify businesses. Your businesses must be aware of new address, make sure you have informed government offices too:
    • Auto finance company
    • Insurance company
    • Bank/Credit union
    • Credit card companies
    • Health club
    • Home care service providers (lawn, exterminator, snow removal, etc.)
    • Laundry service
    • Magazines/Newspapers
    • Monthly memberships (Netflix, book of the month, etc.)
    • Pharmacy
    • Any other service that would need an updated billing address
  3. Take care of parking place. If you don't have one around the building, you have to find a safe place for your care somewhere else.
  4. Plan meals. Prepare some food for easy beginning, otherwise, you will have to enjoy fast food for next week.
  5. Prepare the house. Gather all information about home or apartment owner, make sure that repair is not required.
Denver checklist

Denver checklist #5: 1 week before

  1. Check your list. If you need to change the timeline or change the budget, it is the best time to do that.
  2. Prepare money. Be ready to pay a bill in time, sometimes additional payment needed, so keep in mind.
  3. Prepare a box with essentials. Think about items you need first. Paper, scissors, utensils, light bulbs, tool kits will be 100% necessary.
  4. Prepare appliances. Drain gas and reassemble all heaters.
  5. Measure massive items. It is a hard task to fit all items through the door. You have to get a detailed plan of structure and think about alternative ways.

Final Denver moving checklist item: moving day

  1. Check a path. Make sure nothing is blocking the way, remove all items that can harm or block the way.
  2. Do a final check. Check yourself if anything is left behind.
  3. Call a local company for picking up. In such a way, your moving will be held much easier
  4. On the spot, you have to clean everything and check that there are no troubles. Then you can unload your items and get settled.